Coffee Machine Guide You Need to Know

A coffee machine is a machine for making espresso based dishes, many are mistaken to distinguish between a coffee machine and an espresso machine. Basically, espresso is a term from Italy as a result of extract from coffee grounds. Coffee machines are a category of machines for making coffee, not all machines can directly serve cappuccinos or lattes.

Ciptapersada provides education to coffee lovers to be able to distinguish types of machines based on their main functions. Basically any coffee machine can make espresso. But not all can immediately make americano coffee, cappuccino or latte.

Coffee Machines are basically divided into 2: manual and automatic (manual with classic milk frother, or with automatic cappuccino) Both types of machines will also affect the price, for example for a manual espresso pump machine the price is below 5 million, we found the basic model with classic milk froth. If you also want cappuccinos, and milk-based drinks in general, you automatically move up to the class we call automatic beans to cup.

Experience tells us that manual type machines are suitable for those who want to make coffee making a beautiful art, especially wanting to make coffee, are you a barista, or really interested in becoming a barista?

For those of you who want productivity every day, consume espresso, americano or cappuccino at home every morning, at breakfast, it’s better to focus on automatic type machines.

No need to bother thinking about how to measure coffee beans, scale. ground size and many things that will take your mind, the automatic beans to cup cappuccino machine solution is definitely the solution, one press, the machine will help you replace the role of the barista in serving delicious coffee, all processes from grinding, sizing, scale and timing already in the set-up, you can also add to the classic milk frother; but in the morning we are always in a hurry, and it always ends up that this feature is not used often.

Espresso Coffee Machine (Professional)

The espresso machine is specially made to produce a very accurate espresso consistency cup by glass. Why is that ? because the level of calibration needed to make a perfect espresso, body, acidity, aroma to after taste. Consistency of taste is the most important thing for espresso based coffee drinks.

As noted above, today there are several types of coffee machines. We then analyzed them one by one, first through their characteristics, and then weighed the advantages and disadvantages of each type. There is no better coffee machine, but there is definitely one that is best for your needs.

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Automatic Coffee Machine (Beans to Cup)

The more expensive model may be because it includes a coffee bean grinder, which will allow you to purchase fresh coffee beans. Otherwise, you will need to purchase ground coffee or, if you don’t want to give up the freshness, a separate coffee grinder. Thanks to this, you can adjust the taste of coffee by deciding on the level of grind.

Furthermore, any mixture can be used. The disadvantages of this type of tool are the need for frequent cleaning of the machine as well as uncomplicated use, which can lead to non-standard results. Also, as everyone knows, coffee is not very good if the machine is not used often and unfortunately, especially at home, this is what usually happens.

One of the best automatic coffee machine brands: Delonghi, Krups & Gaggia

Not much different from the previous one (same operation), but the automatic version offers a complete process, from coffee bean to coffee cup, practical and ready to enjoy. Machines of this type, in fact, yield by grinding coffee beans, transferring the optimal amount of powder to the filter, and yield by delivery.

Of course, more expensive than the previous one, this is a step forward, allowing you to have only one tool and the assurance that the coffee is fresh and fragrant, freshly ground. In terms of price, it should be noted that coffee beans are not only more fragrant but also cheaper. Therefore, in the long run the higher costs will be recovered. The simplicity of use is another plus. However, the automatic machine had the same drawbacks as the previous type, if it was not used frequently.

Manual Coffee Machine

Manual coffee machines or manual espresso machines have been around for decades, and are small copies of prof espresso machines essential. Hence an engine with a water tank that heats up when the engine is started.

Coffee grounds are put into a filter and pressed. Then attach the filter to the machine. Thanks to the button, you initiate a stream of filtered boiling water through the coffee.

Typically, this type of tool can make one or two cups at a time, with coffee poured from both sides of the filter, even if there are versions that only make one cup. Additionally, in most models a siphon is also included that can spray steam or dispense hot water.

The former is used to heat and make frothy milk, which is important for cappuccinos, while the hot water can be used for teas and herbal teas. Thanks to the knob you can adjust the opening of the siphon which, when fully opened, will give off hot water, but if it is tighter it will give off steam.

Drip Coffee Machine (American Coffee Maker)

pod coffee machines, which spread in the 1990s, had a certain following, especially in offices. This is a machine that is not much different from a normal espresso machine, with the difference that coffee, instead of being grounded and pressed into a filter, is pressed, just the right amount, in an ESE-Easy Serving Espresso pod made by a specific filter paper. . This provides an advantage in terms of cleanliness, and indeed this machine is quite widespread in offices.

Pods can be disposed of in biological waste, so they have a low environmental impact. But lately, machines of this type have almost been replaced by capsule machines, and this is for the main disadvantage of pod machines, or the result, which is not good, is certainly inferior to normal espresso machines to consider, moreover, that many manual machines are compatible.

Capsule Coffee Machine (Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

The newest capsule coffee machine on the market, this new coffee machine has been a huge success. Partly due to particularly aggressive advertising from Nespresso, which was the predecessor of this machine, but also because, no doubt, it was comfortable and clean. Instead of being enclosed in paper wafers, coffee grounds are found in capsules, which allows for better quality and above all greater cleanliness.

The excellent quality is due to the fact that the capsules are airtight, and therefore the coffee retains its freshness. Another big advantage is that this type of machine is not dirty and very easy to use. Thanks to the success that the capsule machine has, there are many types of capsules that make it possible not only to have espressos of various aromas and intensities, but also to have the capsules ready.

Sometimes maybe you don’t understand the type of coffee machine that fits your needs. Nowadays, consuming coffee from instant sachets has begun to be abandoned, now is the trend of drinking coffee directly from roasted beans. There are many choices of coffee machines in the bean to cup category, how come there are already many in circulation, one of the coffee distributors and consultants is an expert, Ciptapersada is one of them ..

Then how to categorize the needs of coffee machines according to capacity in order to maximize performance and not waste a lot of electricity, as well as waste coffee and milk.

Let’s categorize into 3 types of scale your office.

  • Small
  • Moderate
  • Big

The need for a coffee machine certainly doesn’t need to be questioned anymore, right? how coffee can make your day more productive and focused.

Do you like coffee? Of course, but how much does your office like coffee like you do. Let’s see what you should consider?

How many employees / co-workers drink coffee?

Do you like drinking coffee without milk mixture? or in other words espresso or americano

Or are you a coffee lover with a sweet and savory mixture of milk like Latte or Cappuccino?

A limited budget was the main obstacle as long as I was a coffee consultant, many of you already know the various brands and types of coffee machines out there. However, we can provide several types of good coffee machines at low prices.

Coffee Machine Cafe and Brasserie

Me serving coffee menus to customers in restaurants, cafes and brasseries is complementary but crucial, I have encountered a lot of restaurants that don’t pay attention to their coffee menu, in other words, they only serve regular coffee. In my opinion, it is wrong to note that coffee is an important dish almost every time a customer is used to sipping coffee. You don’t need to use a machine that is too expensive, just a standard machine with enough consistency to support the less frequent serving of coffee.

Our advice is quite simple, make sure the machine selection fits your needs, no need to buy a machine with a high capacity, forget about that for a moment. Let’s see what you need, just rent it.

The use of a coffee machine here is as a support, not one that has to work 24 hours like in a coffee shop, which is the main dish in the form of coffee. The use of professional machines in coffee shops is a must, why? because customers will continue to arrive and order coffee, espresso americano or latte, a machine with a double boiler / large heater is needed, this is to speed up the heating process of the machine so that it is ready to use. Coupled with the consistency of pressure in each cup of espresso served. If you force the use of a machine that works for 24 hours it will cause damage to the machine, if it is damaged you must do a coffee machine service.

Then our advice for you, just a semi automatic coffee machine at an affordable price but with a pretty good consistency.

Machines that we recommend for you, Find out more about Coffee Machines that are Suitable for Starting a Cafe Business

Note: It should be noted that this type of coffee machine uses a portafilter, which is a port handle where the coffee powder is placed before being extracted into espresso, if you want a serving of coffee beans, use a separate coffee grinder from where it is used. To make latte art the use of a steam wand is also required, as seen on the stalk on the side of the coffee machine.

This coffee machine is suitable for serving black coffee / espresso and americano. To make cappuccino and latte art, a novice barista is needed so that the composition of milk and coffee is in accordance with the provisions.

Most Expensive Coffee Machine Prices

The most expensive coffee machine that has caught the attention of millions of coffee drinkers in the United States is known as the Javabot. The Javabot is actually a machine used by a company known as The Roasting Plant. These machines can be found in Detroit or New York City.

This machine is known as a true coffee maker. It can do anything a coffee or beverage maker wants to do. This will grind and brew the best and instant cup of coffee for the consumer.

Even more impressive than a coffee from a million dollar machine is the design. This is a spectacle in itself. With several different storage columns for the coffee bean display, many people are often distracted by the design rather than the coffee-making process.

Simonelli Coffee Machine is also one of the expensive coffee machine brands in Indonesia.

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